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He pushed her hard

He pushed her hardShe shook under his command, a mere pawn in his game. He followed the pattern, pushing her hard, building speed, before pulling back for a rest. His power came in knowing that she’d obey his command.

Her engine was hot; her carriage rattled, she placed hope in the driver change planned for the next station.


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Beastly love

BeastHe wore black, she was a flowering spring bed. Dandruff fell on his shoulders as golden locks flowed like as waterfall on hers.

An odd couple if there ever was. A diamond in the rough or simply a rough chance?

The complexities of their relationship will never be understood by outsiders – beauty or beast.


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She used to pass

RIPLike an Aunty I didn’t see very often. We didn’t really know each other, but I knew where to find you when needed. All we had were passing moments, the brief encounters passed quickly.

I wish we had more time but I’m walking done to Pyrmont now, and there’s no rumble at my back.

For those not from Sydney or familiar with our streets. We used to have a monorail. It was largely useless and is now in the process of being removed. I didn’t think I cared, but something is missing from our streets.


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Perspective delays

Sitting on a train seemingly going nowhere.Suicide

“This train will be delayed for five minutes”

The carriage as one turn to their watches. Shaking heads as they check the time – sure signs of how important they must be.

I don’t look but can feel the scar on my wrist and I’m thankful to be alive

Today is R U OK day — just part of World Suicide Prevention week. All it takes is a few words and a question mark to change a life. Ask someone today “R U OK?”


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