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Feed, poo, play

Stressed MumThey circle my feet like sharks to blood. Their hands searching for anything not nailed down, their cries scream for attention – pure, undivided attention.

I love them … more than I could ever say. Mum just needs a break.

Feed, poo, play, then momentary sleep. Tomorrow’s another day, but the cycle will be the same.


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Delectable diners

DinnerThe bread, sprinkled with herbs like the first snowfall of winter.

The wine flowed, sweet like autumn morning dew drops.

The soup, crouton topped smothered with cheese like father to prodigal son.

The steak, melted like ice on a summer’s day.

Senses overworked stomachs more than full.

Yes, we’ll have ice-cream – just a little.


I don’t always divulge the motivation behind these tales and I’m not sure that I will continue to do so or not, but here goes … Inspired but one meal shared between two people before two others had our priorities relocated. I am one of the two, I hope the other knows who she is – for she is love to me. Note to self, make time for meals like these … and always have ice cream.

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Consistently loyal

Photo by @ch_images

Photo by @ch_images 

‘They’re pillars of strength’ Gary said, his eyes fixed on the brickwork.

Still unsure what he meant Chris’ pen hovered above his empty notepad.

‘Nothing is certain but they remain. The world hates me, they’re my only friends?’

‘This is the reason you remain homeless?’ Chris was already preparing excuses for his editor and boss.



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DaddysHomeIt only takes a minute but the stress quickly fades along with the cacophony of passing cars, drowned by the sound of rattling keys in the front door. The door sweeps open, and light hits his face.
Leaving the weight of the day behind, he embraces another load.
Fourteen kilograms of pure joy. Daddy’s home.

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