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Mock Circle

Circle of MockTheir giggles covered all evil.

Jenny, Sarah, Peta and Simone, the chosen, formed a circle around Ruby. A circle of mock.

Ruby was new, the natural easy target.

‘Mole’ Jenny yelled.

‘You’re a dirty mole’ Peta agreed before laughter once again filled the room.

‘Sweet sixteen, what a lie’ sobbed Ruby, collapsing before the chosen.


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Explosive end

ExplosiveEndIt’s when I see the finish line that I return to reality. I’m no longer a marathon runner but a middle aged accountant, struggling to pay the rent on my rundown one bedroom unit.

Suddenly an explosion, rocks my world, and perception returns. My cramps never seemed more irrelevant at end of the Boston Marathon.

Please now, by providing a fictional insight into a runners perspective of this tragic event, I am not trivializing or exploiting those suffering, merely expressing myself. #prayforBoston


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Expectant alone

Bride-groomPachelbel’s canon filled the church, they turned as one.

To his left, his brother and best man.

The introduction now over, he was excited by movement in the foyer.

“Ready” whispered his brother.

“I hope so” he replied.

The first verse finished, then the second, before fading away like his dreams.

Her father appeared … alone.55new

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This is how the real world goes

Brutally blinding light appeared as her warmth left, suddenly and without warning.  The light’s heat, welcome relief for her instantly cold skin but all she saw was white, pure void.   Shivering and blind, the room spun adding vertigo to her state.

Fearfully alone, closing her eyes the only means of escape. Is this the world?

It was only then, in the utter darkness that she had become accustomed to, she could hear the voice. Not quite comprehensive but entirely familiar.

A sense of security washes over her small frame and her tiny fingers relax from their fists. Expecting a different reality, she opens her eyes.

Despite the calling and the resulting expectations, the light remains and screams escape her lips. Once again, her eyes snap shut; now desperate for the voice.

Where had it gone?

Her fear worsens, realising the only company she now had was the darkness and her cries.

They’ve spoke of this place for months now, this cannot be how the real world goes.

Welcome, my dear child; this is, how the real world goes.Then, as suddenly as it left, her warmth returns, it surrounds and lifts her up. Shivers subdue as her cries reduce to a whimper.

With this peaceful warmth, the voice came back.

Welcome, my dear child; this is how the real world goes.


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Tainted love and loneliness

crygirlCrack! And he left the room, she was safe for now.

Crumpled on the floor like dirty laundry, she sobbed. It wasn’t first, and she was sure it wouldn’t be last.

Fleeing her home and lover; she hurt more knowing that she’d be back.

The pain inflicted by violence is nothing when compared to loneliness.


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Flayling Phoenix

SprayStop the can fell as he fled.

His heart pounded as he ran along the tracks. Truth be told this is why Malcolm ‘Phoenix’ Jones tagged, for the thrill.

Scrambling onto platform, and down the other side. Here he met the 3AM city service and it was decided, his last tag would read Phoeni…



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One man’s death note

BedThey’ve surrounded me, resistance is futile, the battle’s complete. All efforts to move induce dizziness, and with all thought of fighting the enemy long gone, I’m alone.

Heavily burdened, I lay waiting to die.

My blankets hold me captive as the sodden tissues close in. Please don’t mourn my death just remember, man flu kills.


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