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Naughty Boy

NaughtyBoyThe second hand of the hallway clock seems to be moving in slow motion compared to your feverishly bouncing leg. Silently, you peel your sticky palm from green vinyl seat, wiping the sliding bead of sweat from your brow as the clock strikes twelve.

Your fear amplified by the headmaster deftly reaching for his cane.

Part four of a series on ‘silence’ – Details Emerge Without Volume.


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Fallen, she lies

SilentAutumnShe noticed the silence when the back of her head hit the ground.

With no wind, clouds littered the morning’s blue sky like paper on an abandoned playground. The trees stood guard, solid and still.

Her head firmly planted, spirits lifted with every fallen leaf. She’ll stay for another hour just for the brilliant silence.

Part three of a series on ‘silence’ – Details Emerge Without Volume.


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SilentLoungeFrom absolute warmth to toe chilling tiles, I rise.

Relieved, I move past last night’s plates on the kitchen bench before collapsing into the couch’s welcoming arms like a returning son to his mother, I feel her unspoken love.

The remote remains untouched; I beat the children out of bed and birds from their nests.

Part two of a series on ‘silence’ – Details Emerge Without Volume.


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The applause dwindled and was replaced by the unified shuffling of feet as they took their seats. Looking out all we could see was the light and silhouetted heads.

His baton rose as we drew breath as one, the only movement the gentle swaying of the recently opened stage curtain.

Silently, we wait to begin.

Part one of a series on ‘silence’ – Details Emerge Without Volume.


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Dad’s knees – willing stallions

dadPlacing her foot on his like a glass slipper on waiting carriage, she climbs. The ascent is long but the carriage height makes for a marvellous journey.

She takes her seat and his knees rumble like willing stallions.  Soon her father’s heels will rise and this princess will ride, towering above her lounge room kingdom.



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Cutlery, weapons, shovels and lovers

Holding_Hands_by_SilouxaThey were bound together, folded and wrapped tight. As the sun faded, not even the growing cold would come between them.

Despite his being hard worked, callused and worn, they paired beautifully with her dainty, soft and elegant set.

God given – cutlery, weapons, shovels and lovers – our hands are gifts too often taken for granted.

In response to the word prompt “hands” at 365thingstowriteabout





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Dad’s battle within

64c70c58344c11e3acac22000ab7856b_8His head felt unusually heavy, food wouldn’t stay down and his usual entertaining antics were whimsical … at best. Tears split and voices rose to match the surrounding screams.

Luke wasn’t fighting a grumpy baby or his boundary pushing toddler. He fought against his own frustrations, a battle he wishes he could win more often.

I caught myself in a mood this morning, unfortunately so did my children. Even when toast is spat on the floor and the screaming runs for hours, we must not let our frustration take hold – pour love not anger of our children.


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Size matters

Size mattersThey say size doesn’t matter but mine’s fifteen inches long and attracts plenty of attention.

‘Don’t you look fancy’ they’ll say, ‘is today a special occasion?’

I don’t know any different way to wear it than wrapped around my neck, so shrug and walk away.

Needless to say, ties aren’t worn often in my office.


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FallenLeaves fell from above, adding to those that fell before them. Like frosting on a cake, highlighting the already beautiful land.

One could be lost in warm sunshine with the sound of birds gently singing, yet nothing could distract me from her beauty. From above, she too must have fallen – an angel in my eyes.


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Teacup love


Cup of tea, apricot danish, pane of glass and the love of my life – I’ll finish, then I’ll ask her.

She’s been scarred by love before, her sister’s marriage is falling apart and her ex-boyfriend won’t leave her alone – I hope she says yes.

I wish life were as simple as this cup of tea

As much as I love to write, my first passion will be found in image. I want that to inspire me here.


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