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Felt universally

No job, no prospects, no home – his soul longed for peace as his souls navigated darkness. The frost formed like the deepening desperation in his life.

There was only one option to follow; the light. Step by step, false or not, he longed for His unconditional love.

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The sun fades and he stands alone for in silence. Waves lap the shoreline as the same light returns over the horizon accompanied by the bird’s joyous verse.

Rivers flow like thundering chorus lines and thunder highlights the gentle rhythm of rain.

The universe declares your majesty.


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The sun fades and he stands alone for in silence. Waves lap the shoreline as the same light returns over the horizon accompanied by the bird’s joyous verse.

Rivers flow like thundering chorus lines and thunder highlights the gentle rhythm of rain.

The universe declares your majesty.


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Someday reign


Somedays start with a mix of rain and squeals. Those days are long.

There’ll be unappreciated Lego, inconsistent baking, paint spills and bed sheet cubby houses that they’ll prefer destructing over constructing. There will be tears.

These days are caffeine fuelled and frustration filled. Dad tries hard but I struggle to reign with Sunday rain.


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Floating freely

OCeanShe held me tightly in her arms; squeezing me to her bosom, she carried my weight without strain. She was always there for me and greater yet, I always knew where to find her. She was my comfort and my release.

Her grip stiffened. Safety dissolved into her. The ocean gave me final freedom today.



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Rising from her death bed

She steps into the water like she does the unknown – fearfully. Helen has craved this exact breed of solitude, a sunrise swim, for years but now it has arrived, she is second guessing her desire.

The water flows over her toes and feet before passing her calves as thoughts of the sheet being pulled over her still body flood Helen’s mind. Her only encouragement,  are her hands dragging in the chilled ocean water reminding herself of life restored.

The water was murky and Helen couldn’t see what lay beneath but she’d emerged from the pits of death itself to be here and had vowed to never again be a spectator.

Eight years ago Helen was struck by a run away tyre at a race track, the medical staff declared her dead on the scene.  Today she walks into the water, free from the mind numbing beeps of monitoring equipment and proof that we cannot discount the fight within ourselves.

Helen watched helplessly as the curtains of life closed upon her, now she enters the water as a phoenix does from the ashes.


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Sudding alone

Part one

Doorway unkown The bag was removed from my head and I was lead through the house but such was my state, I struggled for details. Following one and being pushed by another, there could have been four or five people in the house, I couldn’t be sure.

I’d lost track of the time but it must have been a few hours since I’d been walking home now. 

I’d been returning from a night out and was only only meters from my home when I noticed a dark coloured car with its interior lights on. “Lost tourists?”, I remember thinking before they suddenly burst from their vehicle; knocking me to the ground before shoving a bag over my head and my body into the boot. It happened too quick to struggle. 

Now as they approached the doorway, my returning sense of awareness and will to survive combined. As if the door were to hell itself, I fought as hard as I could. 

It was no use, the more i fought the more clenched fists and boots struck my frantic body. It was over. 

My head thumped in the door on the way through as I stumbled into the room, collapsing on the cold tiles within. 

Part two

Rumbling fearLight slowly returned to my vision as I lifted my head from the cold brown tiles.

The memory of being kidnapped drowned out by the deafening, and near debilitating ringing in my ears. How long had I been here?

Light turned to dark and dark turned to light – another day had passed. Waking, the ringing had ceased but had been replaced by a terrible thirst.
I pulled myself to my feet for the first time since being thrown in this room come dungeon. Foreign machinery, four cupboard doors and a sink.

Turning the cold tap, the pipes rattled like the fear in my heart. A brown sludge dribbled slowly from the tap as I heard footsteps outside.

Part three

Foreign machinery The door flung open bright light filled a the small room. My eyes struggling eyes couldn’t adjust quick enough to see make out the figure but they made their presence felt.

Slapping my hands away from the sink they pushed me towards the machinery in the corner before slamming the door shut.

A voiced bellowed in the distance. “Get to work!” Ignoring both my fear and thirst, i opened the obvious hatch door in the first machine. I thought I’d better try and figure this out before they return.

Try as I might is was useless, the machinery was like none I’d ever seen. Straight lines formed its exterior and smooth round edges appeared inside. 

Then it hit me, “I’d heard that bellowing voice before”.

Part four

Blinded to realityDistracted from the task at hand, I stared through the cracks if the blinds. That voice?
It wasn’t so much the voice I recalled but the harshness of tone; demanding and disappointed with a touch of desperation.

“Get back to work!” The words echoed as I sifted through the mountain of rags like memories in my mind. I sorted colours from whites as I did good from bad before dropping to my knees, shaking my head in disbelief.

“Get back to work” I laughed, “cover the left flank, put in a bit of effort kids, are you serious ref!?” The footsteps outside the door grew louder with each phrase but I no longer feared their sound.

Two figures appeared at the door this time, both far less intimidating than the one that came before them.

“Mum, I was scared of Uncle Bob when he’d come to my football games and yell from the sidelines but are you serious? ” I questioned. “I know I never wash my own clothes but this is a little extreme isn’t it … even for you!?”

A four part instagram series inspired by images of my mother in-law’s laundry


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Teacup love


Cup of tea, apricot danish, pane of glass and the love of my life – I’ll finish, then I’ll ask her.

She’s been scarred by love before, her sister’s marriage is falling apart and her ex-boyfriend won’t leave her alone – I hope she says yes.

I wish life were as simple as this cup of tea

As much as I love to write, my first passion will be found in image. I want that to inspire me here.


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She used to pass

RIPLike an Aunty I didn’t see very often. We didn’t really know each other, but I knew where to find you when needed. All we had were passing moments, the brief encounters passed quickly.

I wish we had more time but I’m walking done to Pyrmont now, and there’s no rumble at my back.

For those not from Sydney or familiar with our streets. We used to have a monorail. It was largely useless and is now in the process of being removed. I didn’t think I cared, but something is missing from our streets.


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Consistently loyal

Photo by @ch_images

Photo by @ch_images 

‘They’re pillars of strength’ Gary said, his eyes fixed on the brickwork.

Still unsure what he meant Chris’ pen hovered above his empty notepad.

‘Nothing is certain but they remain. The world hates me, they’re my only friends?’

‘This is the reason you remain homeless?’ Chris was already preparing excuses for his editor and boss.



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