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Spaghetti necklace love

Dad robe

He rose from his throne crowned in dandruff and robed in terry towelling. Trying to adjust to first light, their delight competed with consciousness.

“Spaghetti necklace” his daughter yelled, pulling it roughly over his head.

The pasta scratched and their love did little for his tiredness. Regardless, Dad smiled at the offering for the King.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt:Offering


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He pushed her hard

He pushed her hardShe shook under his command, a mere pawn in his game. He followed the pattern, pushing her hard, building speed, before pulling back for a rest. His power came in knowing that she’d obey his command.

Her engine was hot; her carriage rattled, she placed hope in the driver change planned for the next station.


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Searching Goggles

Safety+GogglesStrapping the goggles to his head, Albert peered through the glass, sure he’d find the answers.

His reassured smile soon turned. With or without the goggles, the screen is still full of what seems to be hieroglyphics.

“I guess I’m too old for computers. What did he mean ‘find it through a goggle search’ anyway?”

In response to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence fiction prompt


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