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As the years go by I will ask,
is life the best gift we’ll get?
Day after day another task:
yesterday’s over, don’t forget.
The world is bursting with movement,
folk seem to never stop.
But I tread water, need to vent,
help me to stay on top.

Part 2 of a poetry series called Life and a response to The Daily Prompt


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Beginning and the end

I entered the world like all others;

crying, scared and cold.

I’ll exit the world like my brothers,

story, having been told.

Between these years I’ll mess about,

living life it’s called.

Then death will speak , seeking me out

and I’ll stand up real tall.

This is part one of an ongoing series of poetry titled Life


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Punched pause

Sean’s head hit the pavement and it stopped. Silence ruled all space.

‘Can you hear me?’ … a faint beat returned with distant voices before competing with deafening sirens as he was lifted from the ground.

The tempo increased with each doctor but Sean lays motionless in bed waiting for his life song to play.

Daily prompt: We got the beat


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Comforting pain

Looking right, my neck strains. It’s 3pm and I’m hunched over my desk

“Don’t sleep on the hardwood floors” the lingering pain reminds.

Despite this, I look at the photo frame to my right – she brings relief.

“I’m scared Daddy, can you sleep beside my bed?” It was 3am but I couldn’t say no.

Daily prompt: inanimate object 


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Steady, loyal

Helping, caring, loving

No matter what happens he is there




Happy, content

Laughing, learning, playing

Safe despite the world around them




Secure, strong

Doting, loving, caring

Unfailing affection to all




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Love cannot be crushed

For no particular reason I’ve decided to try something new. This post, and hopefully many to follow will still adhere to the 55 word limit I place on all my work but they will also explore the world of poetry.

Unbearable force

destroying lives around us

but our hope remains

the world fades like winters night

and warmth remains in love


Hardened warriors

reinforce such hate

but love conquers all

two thousand years may have passed

but his love will never fail

This piece was written in response to The Daily Post’s poetry prompting “vice”


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Desk demands

“You don’t have a choice” he said before leaving. “The report has to be done.”Desk

His manager’s demands were compounded by his responsibilities at home and the inevitable 60 hour work week.

Dan stopped and looked the framed photo on his desk. It was amazing what strength he found in his kids image alone.


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Tick, the second hand finally shifted.

My vision lingers for seven long seconds on the empty mug to my left and consider its purpose – is three cups of tea in an hour too much?

Ding, an email alert gives false hope – more spam.

It is 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon, 5PM will never arrive.



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Love pirates

pirate-sailing-ship-11370725They surround you at every turn

Eyes tugging at your wallet

Over stuffed teddies clad in red silk

Cross bones replaced by hearts

Cards hang like flags on masts

Both a warning and notification, we’re “the chosen ones”

Retail pirates, treasure buried in florist’s pots.

Love makes me smile but …

Commercialism stole Valentine’s Day

Inspired by both, Valentine’s Day itself and the weekly challenge at The Daily Post


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Mythical bitch

karmaConfused, he recalled the week’s events in his mind; helping the old lady, giving up his seat, assisting the lost tourist and giving his last dollar to the man with nothing but a cup on the street.

Despite this, the pile of bills on the stood tall.

Karma is both, a bitch and a myth.

In response to the daily post prompt Karma Chameleon




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