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Dimly lit joy

DadPuppetsLike a serpent, hands constrict beneath the spotlight.

In his spell and under his control, I am in awe.

The soft light picked up his uneven growth, the twist of his tongue in concentration and his focussed blue eyes. It was as if I didn’t exist but I will always remember Dad’s shadow puppet shows.



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Love pirates

pirate-sailing-ship-11370725They surround you at every turn

Eyes tugging at your wallet

Over stuffed teddies clad in red silk

Cross bones replaced by hearts

Cards hang like flags on masts

Both a warning and notification, we’re “the chosen ones”

Retail pirates, treasure buried in florist’s pots.

Love makes me smile but …

Commercialism stole Valentine’s Day

Inspired by both, Valentine’s Day itself and the weekly challenge at The Daily Post


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She used to pass

RIPLike an Aunty I didn’t see very often. We didn’t really know each other, but I knew where to find you when needed. All we had were passing moments, the brief encounters passed quickly.

I wish we had more time but I’m walking done to Pyrmont now, and there’s no rumble at my back.

For those not from Sydney or familiar with our streets. We used to have a monorail. It was largely useless and is now in the process of being removed. I didn’t think I cared, but something is missing from our streets.


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