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Risen indeed

Part 3 in a 3 piece Easter series


It’s been three days,

my heart, it aches.

I loved him so dearly

I pray he wakes.

He was the one,

I’m sure it was him.

Without his light,

the world is dim.

He’s alive!

the words ring

Jesus, my LORD

I do sing!

He is risen,

he is love,

God’s son

from above



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“Good” Friday

Part 2 of a 3 piece Easter poetry series


Friday, the end of the week but a good start.Corss

The day will forever stand apart.

A man thrown before an angry mob, then sentenced to his death.

Beaten, stoned, whipped and jeered. They laughed, he took last breath.

Bloody Friday, wicked Friday; surely anything but good.

An innocent man betrayed, nailed to some wood.



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Part 1 of a 3 piece Easter series


No ceremony, flashing lights or loud speakers,Palm

he rode the equivalent of wearing old sneakers.

It would have been slow and smelt a little bit,

but the king of the world didn’t mind it.

They dance and sang, palms waving in the crowd,

caught off guard, Jesus was subtle and humble not loud and proud.


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