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Felt universally

No job, no prospects, no home – his soul longed for peace as his souls navigated darkness. The frost formed like the deepening desperation in his life.

There was only one option to follow; the light. Step by step, false or not, he longed for His unconditional love.

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Dimly lit joy

DadPuppetsLike a serpent, hands constrict beneath the spotlight.

In his spell and under his control, I am in awe.

The soft light picked up his uneven growth, the twist of his tongue in concentration and his focussed blue eyes. It was as if I didn’t exist but I will always remember Dad’s shadow puppet shows.



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Beautiful struggle

mumiReturning to the lounge, the crying subdued. Emotionally drained and physically exhausted, we sat in silence.

“Being a parenting is going to be greatest part of my life” she said, “it’ll also be the hardest”.

It was then, despite giving birth to my daughter two weeks ago, that I knew my wife was a mother.



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Risen indeed

Part 3 in a 3 piece Easter series


It’s been three days,

my heart, it aches.

I loved him so dearly

I pray he wakes.

He was the one,

I’m sure it was him.

Without his light,

the world is dim.

He’s alive!

the words ring

Jesus, my LORD

I do sing!

He is risen,

he is love,

God’s son

from above



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She holds on because she’s told to 

and because she feels secure 

Dad holds on because he fears 

and because of his love for her 

He fears the day she says goodbye 

“I don’t need ten hugs a day” 

She doesn’t see past sundown 

He envies her in this way


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I sit idly watching the heat rise through her body. It’s 4 am and the fire has been burning throughout the night.

Attempts have been made but without sleep the resistance is fading.

Her temperature is too much,  she won’t take panadol.  Tired and emotional, I’ll watch her sleep and pray she doesn’t burn.


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As the years go by I will ask,
is life the best gift we’ll get?
Day after day another task:
yesterday’s over, don’t forget.
The world is bursting with movement,
folk seem to never stop.
But I tread water, need to vent,
help me to stay on top.

Part 2 of a poetry series called Life and a response to The Daily Prompt


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Beginning and the end

I entered the world like all others;

crying, scared and cold.

I’ll exit the world like my brothers,

story, having been told.

Between these years I’ll mess about,

living life it’s called.

Then death will speak , seeking me out

and I’ll stand up real tall.

This is part one of an ongoing series of poetry titled Life


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Comforting pain

Looking right, my neck strains. It’s 3pm and I’m hunched over my desk

“Don’t sleep on the hardwood floors” the lingering pain reminds.

Despite this, I look at the photo frame to my right – she brings relief.

“I’m scared Daddy, can you sleep beside my bed?” It was 3am but I couldn’t say no.

Daily prompt: inanimate object 


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Steady, loyal

Helping, caring, loving

No matter what happens he is there




Happy, content

Laughing, learning, playing

Safe despite the world around them




Secure, strong

Doting, loving, caring

Unfailing affection to all




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