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Defiant Daniel

lionHe was taken prisoner from his home, then elevated to rank beyond reality in a foreign land. His identity stolen, but Daniel had the world at his feet.

When power, sex and money came near. Daniel chose his faith. Same can be said when threatened with his life.

Lions cannot destroy what’s defended by God.

Inspired by the Biblical story of Daniel and the lions den (Daniel 1 – 6)

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Sock n locked

blacksocksMy teeth dislodged, now circulating my mouth.

Spitting them into my hand, I turn, only to see it coming again.


Alone and without any sense, I wait.

‘He was hit with a sock and lock’, as light returned. ‘The 21st century equivalent of a mace and chain’; his elaboration brought back the pain.

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Mother knows black ice

slipAustralian kid in a foreign land, sand replaced by snow. But with boots to my knees, there’s little chance of wet socks.Target approaching, laughing at Mum’s advice of ski pants I step into the car park.

My first day at a new school; black ice and terribly soaked jeans.

It’s true, Mothers know best.

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What an idiom

Like a bullet from a gun, he left. As a dog with a bone, he needed this flight.

Against the clock, he shrieked, “Airport please”.

“Hold your horses” the driver replied. “Excuse my French but traffic is hell in a hand basket”

“Sorry. I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed”


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Why dance?

boxOur eyes meet across an empty space. We greet only with touch, our stare replace words.

As if trained by Pavlov himself, the dance begins with a bell, no music required...

All I hear are blood thirsty cries and a voice inside my head. Why am I here?  A question left unanswered as we fight.55new

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