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Boys vs bigot

“You know you are” the boy’s words cut deep.

“Please…” he was lost amongst the jeers.

“You know you are, you know…” the chorus began

Slamming the door, he closed the conversation.

“I don’t agree with any of you. Education isn’t over rated and that doesn’t make me a bigot!”

English classes aren’t always eventful.

In reply to the 55wordstory prompt “Bigot”

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Fleet | Seat | Retreat

If I could turn back time;
not just me hearing Cher?
Looking back thirty years,
some are dark, others clear.
If I went back,
it’d be for the good.
Enjoying laughter and joy
like everyone should.
But live is a blessing,
we get only one.
So I’ll stay here thinking,
of all that I’ve done.

Part six in a poetry series called Life

Daily prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time


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Why write?

penFingers hover and my mind strains. There’s no movement. The world is melting pot of stories and I can’t find one! I only need fifty five words, it cannot be that hard.

An alert arrives; a happy reader, inspiration at last.

Fingers chase my rushing mind. I’ve remembered the smiles, the true reason I write.

Daily prompt: Writerly reflections



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You’ve been given a name,
whether you like it or not.
And you’ll be given more,
no doubt it’ll be ugly or hot.
Whatever may happen,
or how sad you become.
Don’t let these labels,
define you or what you’ve done

Part five in a poetry series called life.

Daily prompt: The power of names


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Sorry Stevie

Englands-Steven-Gerrard-s-008He could only see his feet, ankles and annoying sculpted calves but that was enough. Retirement never felt more like a reality.

Looking down at his worn boots he stood, straightening his stiffening back before struggling back into the defensive line. His feared this day, but lived fuelled by delusion.

His golden years were over.

Daily prompt: Golden years


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Demonic decibels

Woken abruptly by the sound, the room seemed entirely untouched; freshly pressed clothes in a pile, window shut, draws slightly ajar and his daughter fast asleep.

Stooped low beside the bed, he kissed his angel. That’s when the sound returned; a low rumbling like a dog’s growl, his daughter’s hands violently clawing at his throat.

Daily prompt: Talking in your sleep


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Punched pause

Sean’s head hit the pavement and it stopped. Silence ruled all space.

‘Can you hear me?’ … a faint beat returned with distant voices before competing with deafening sirens as he was lifted from the ground.

The tempo increased with each doctor but Sean lays motionless in bed waiting for his life song to play.

Daily prompt: We got the beat


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Comforting pain

Looking right, my neck strains. It’s 3pm and I’m hunched over my desk

“Don’t sleep on the hardwood floors” the lingering pain reminds.

Despite this, I look at the photo frame to my right – she brings relief.

“I’m scared Daddy, can you sleep beside my bed?” It was 3am but I couldn’t say no.

Daily prompt: inanimate object 


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