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Dimly lit joy

DadPuppetsLike a serpent, hands constrict beneath the spotlight.

In his spell and under his control, I am in awe.

The soft light picked up his uneven growth, the twist of his tongue in concentration and his focussed blue eyes. It was as if I didn’t exist but I will always remember Dad’s shadow puppet shows.



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Sunshine’s inevitable disappointment

She loomed on the horizon, a lone figure full of fear. Her body was sharp with loaded weaponry on her bow.

The clouds highlighted her movements, as if they too were closing in on my inevitable fate. Boardshorts for trousers and sunshine for florescent light. I stared to sea wishing summer holidays didn’t have to end.

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Spaghetti necklace love

Dad robe

He rose from his throne crowned in dandruff and robed in terry towelling. Trying to adjust to first light, their delight competed with consciousness.

“Spaghetti necklace” his daughter yelled, pulling it roughly over his head.

The pasta scratched and their love did little for his tiredness. Regardless, Dad smiled at the offering for the King.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt:Offering


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Boardroom to bullets

Pray4ParisThe chair rolled back from the table and he rose to his feet. With the margins filled with sketches and strained eyes from staring at the clock, that meeting couldn’t have finished soon enough.

But from clock to barrel of a gun, he suddenly longed to be gathered around the boardroom table.

Pray for Paris



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MONDAYITUS: What’s at the foot of the problem?

socksRude and intrusive … the alarm was far from welcome.

My shirt scrapped harshly across my back and I began my first to do list for the year. “Buy fabric softener.”

With this attitude my first day back was going to be hard. Soft and welcoming, my outlook changed in an instant; brand new socks.


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Waiting at the Sourdough Cafe


Greg considered himself a smarter than the average bloke. He’d finished school without failure, graduated from university with a degree tucked proudly under each arm and for the last couple of years has been known in his industry as a bright talent to many and a guru to a few more.

Despite this, some things in life still send his mind into orbit. What do women want and how does a tree grow sideways?

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Desk demands

“You don’t have a choice” he said before leaving. “The report has to be done.”Desk

His manager’s demands were compounded by his responsibilities at home and the inevitable 60 hour work week.

Dan stopped and looked the framed photo on his desk. It was amazing what strength he found in his kids image alone.


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Floating freely

OCeanShe held me tightly in her arms; squeezing me to her bosom, she carried my weight without strain. She was always there for me and greater yet, I always knew where to find her. She was my comfort and my release.

Her grip stiffened. Safety dissolved into her. The ocean gave me final freedom today.



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Rising from her death bed

She steps into the water like she does the unknown – fearfully. Helen has craved this exact breed of solitude, a sunrise swim, for years but now it has arrived, she is second guessing her desire.

The water flows over her toes and feet before passing her calves as thoughts of the sheet being pulled over her still body flood Helen’s mind. Her only encouragement,  are her hands dragging in the chilled ocean water reminding herself of life restored.

The water was murky and Helen couldn’t see what lay beneath but she’d emerged from the pits of death itself to be here and had vowed to never again be a spectator.

Eight years ago Helen was struck by a run away tyre at a race track, the medical staff declared her dead on the scene.  Today she walks into the water, free from the mind numbing beeps of monitoring equipment and proof that we cannot discount the fight within ourselves.

Helen watched helplessly as the curtains of life closed upon her, now she enters the water as a phoenix does from the ashes.


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Sunset projects

They work in the furiously in the day’s last light, desperate to close one final deal. Paid only in comissions, competition was fierce between the dealers.

Despite this, both were gazed longingly past the burnt car wreck as the sun faded behind the old playground.
Dealing drugs doesn’t exclude you from admiring the setting sun.


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