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Mots ne sont pas assez

My pen rests on the paper. Ready to write but entirely motionless, before falling lifelessly to the page.

Thankful that I still can , I breathe as my mind races. My eyes trace the newspaper strewn on the bench before closing to pray, ‘My Lord?”
A tear wells, drops and forms the first, and  last, mark.

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the #ParisAttacks – words aren’t enough



He first asked as a nine year old after questioning the colour if the sky. He expected straight answers but his questions rebounded – snowballing in confusion.

Frustrated, he explored answers at eighteen. Relationships, challenges, study, finances, faith and employment blended with homelessness and incarceration.

Finally resting, the meaning of life is right under his nose.

Written in response to the photo prompt below from the weekly #55wordchallenge

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Felt universally

No job, no prospects, no home – his soul longed for peace as his souls navigated darkness. The frost formed like the deepening desperation in his life.

There was only one option to follow; the light. Step by step, false or not, he longed for His unconditional love.

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