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Boys vs bigot

“You know you are” the boy’s words cut deep.

“Please…” he was lost amongst the jeers.

“You know you are, you know…” the chorus began

Slamming the door, he closed the conversation.

“I don’t agree with any of you. Education isn’t over rated and that doesn’t make me a bigot!”

English classes aren’t always eventful.

In reply to the 55wordstory prompt “Bigot”

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Dimly lit joy

DadPuppetsLike a serpent, hands constrict beneath the spotlight.

In his spell and under his control, I am in awe.

The soft light picked up his uneven growth, the twist of his tongue in concentration and his focussed blue eyes. It was as if I didn’t exist but I will always remember Dad’s shadow puppet shows.



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Spaghetti necklace love

Dad robe

He rose from his throne crowned in dandruff and robed in terry towelling. Trying to adjust to first light, their delight competed with consciousness.

“Spaghetti necklace” his daughter yelled, pulling it roughly over his head.

The pasta scratched and their love did little for his tiredness. Regardless, Dad smiled at the offering for the King.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt:Offering


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MONDAYITUS: What’s at the foot of the problem?

socksRude and intrusive … the alarm was far from welcome.

My shirt scrapped harshly across my back and I began my first to do list for the year. “Buy fabric softener.”

With this attitude my first day back was going to be hard. Soft and welcoming, my outlook changed in an instant; brand new socks.


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Fear sits alone

ghostDeep dark circles for eyes, outstretched arms reaching through the overhanging branches. Sam’s yawns are replaced by screams, the image had returned.

His Mother consoled him but he couldn’t manage words. His Father offered to accompany him but he shook uncontrollably with fear.

Sam’s truck sat alone, he and the Ghost first met.

Written in response to #55wordchallenge – tears of the innocent


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“Good” Friday

Part 2 of a 3 piece Easter poetry series


Friday, the end of the week but a good start.Corss

The day will forever stand apart.

A man thrown before an angry mob, then sentenced to his death.

Beaten, stoned, whipped and jeered. They laughed, he took last breath.

Bloody Friday, wicked Friday; surely anything but good.

An innocent man betrayed, nailed to some wood.



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Why write?

penFingers hover and my mind strains. There’s no movement. The world is melting pot of stories and I can’t find one! I only need fifty five words, it cannot be that hard.

An alert arrives; a happy reader, inspiration at last.

Fingers chase my rushing mind. I’ve remembered the smiles, the true reason I write.

Daily prompt: Writerly reflections



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You’ve been given a name,
whether you like it or not.
And you’ll be given more,
no doubt it’ll be ugly or hot.
Whatever may happen,
or how sad you become.
Don’t let these labels,
define you or what you’ve done

Part five in a poetry series called life.

Daily prompt: The power of names


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Comforting pain

Looking right, my neck strains. It’s 3pm and I’m hunched over my desk

“Don’t sleep on the hardwood floors” the lingering pain reminds.

Despite this, I look at the photo frame to my right – she brings relief.

“I’m scared Daddy, can you sleep beside my bed?” It was 3am but I couldn’t say no.

Daily prompt: inanimate object 


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Steady, loyal

Helping, caring, loving

No matter what happens he is there




Happy, content

Laughing, learning, playing

Safe despite the world around them




Secure, strong

Doting, loving, caring

Unfailing affection to all




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