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Spaghetti necklace love

Dad robe

He rose from his throne crowned in dandruff and robed in terry towelling. Trying to adjust to first light, their delight competed with consciousness.

“Spaghetti necklace” his daughter yelled, pulling it roughly over his head.

The pasta scratched and their love did little for his tiredness. Regardless, Dad smiled at the offering for the King.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt:Offering


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ClublifeSuch was the volume, she heard the music not through her ears but reverberating through her entire body.

‘You come here often?’

‘No’ is all she could manage, an accurate reflection of her mood

‘I’m Ben’, he offered his hand while dancing with the grace of a giraffe in roller skates.

Charmed I’m sure.


In response to Lillie McFerrin’s ‘Charmed’ prompt

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That’s enough

RunningPenSitting behind my desk like a 100m sprinter, itching to begin. Creativity replacing the starting pistol.

Covering the first 20 without noticing and I close in on 50, the finish line appears.  Then like a hamstring my thought pattern snaps, mind screaming, that’s enough!

A flash fiction writer feigns accident, then smiles winning halfway.


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Selfless saviour

jHe lived to serve the world he died for, selfless to the extreme. Born a king yet traded for a criminal, pure injustice if ever it’s been seen.

To his creator and father, he asked “why have you forsaken me?”

For the world, his blood in love poured out. He now waits for us paradise.

Written in response to Lillie McFerrin’s 5 sentence prompt: Paradise


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