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He first asked as a nine year old after questioning the colour if the sky. He expected straight answers but his questions rebounded – snowballing in confusion.

Frustrated, he explored answers at eighteen. Relationships, challenges, study, finances, faith and employment blended with homelessness and incarceration.

Finally resting, the meaning of life is right under his nose.

Written in response to the photo prompt below from the weekly #55wordchallenge

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In the lonely crowd

computer_stareAfter being on the outside for so long, I never thought community would be so lonely. It was empowering to make the acceptance pledge but that’s where it ended.

Now I sit surrounded by noise, a sole cubicle like a tree in the woods, regretting that very pledge.

“I hate my job”


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MONDAYITUS: What’s at the foot of the problem?

socksRude and intrusive … the alarm was far from welcome.

My shirt scrapped harshly across my back and I began my first to do list for the year. “Buy fabric softener.”

With this attitude my first day back was going to be hard. Soft and welcoming, my outlook changed in an instant; brand new socks.


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Fleet | Seat | Retreat

If I could turn back time;
not just me hearing Cher?
Looking back thirty years,
some are dark, others clear.
If I went back,
it’d be for the good.
Enjoying laughter and joy
like everyone should.
But live is a blessing,
we get only one.
So I’ll stay here thinking,
of all that I’ve done.

Part six in a poetry series called Life

Daily prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time


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Why write?

penFingers hover and my mind strains. There’s no movement. The world is melting pot of stories and I can’t find one! I only need fifty five words, it cannot be that hard.

An alert arrives; a happy reader, inspiration at last.

Fingers chase my rushing mind. I’ve remembered the smiles, the true reason I write.

Daily prompt: Writerly reflections



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You’ve been given a name,
whether you like it or not.
And you’ll be given more,
no doubt it’ll be ugly or hot.
Whatever may happen,
or how sad you become.
Don’t let these labels,
define you or what you’ve done

Part five in a poetry series called life.

Daily prompt: The power of names


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Life will throw us  many curve balls,
some slow, some wide and some too fast.
But will also serve up hot meals,
providing fuel that will last.
It is this warmth that we must see,
acknowledge that it exists.
Enjoy, savor and let it be,
an experience not to miss
Part four in a poetry series called life



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On duty

Seasons will surely pass on by
and only some will bring joy.
During my winters I will cry,
but with my summers, oh boy!
Take the good with the bad I will
keep fighting, never do I bend.
Through falling leaves and frost until,
My duty comes to the end.

Part 3 of a poetry series called Life and a response to The Daily Prompt


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As the years go by I will ask,
is life the best gift we’ll get?
Day after day another task:
yesterday’s over, don’t forget.
The world is bursting with movement,
folk seem to never stop.
But I tread water, need to vent,
help me to stay on top.

Part 2 of a poetry series called Life and a response to The Daily Prompt


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Beginning and the end

I entered the world like all others;

crying, scared and cold.

I’ll exit the world like my brothers,

story, having been told.

Between these years I’ll mess about,

living life it’s called.

Then death will speak , seeking me out

and I’ll stand up real tall.

This is part one of an ongoing series of poetry titled Life


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