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Felt universally

No job, no prospects, no home – his soul longed for peace as his souls navigated darkness. The frost formed like the deepening desperation in his life.

There was only one option to follow; the light. Step by step, false or not, he longed for His unconditional love.

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Love cannot be crushed

For no particular reason I’ve decided to try something new. This post, and hopefully many to follow will still adhere to the 55 word limit I place on all my work but they will also explore the world of poetry.

Unbearable force

destroying lives around us

but our hope remains

the world fades like winters night

and warmth remains in love


Hardened warriors

reinforce such hate

but love conquers all

two thousand years may have passed

but his love will never fail

This piece was written in response to The Daily Post’s poetry prompting “vice”


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