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He first asked as a nine year old after questioning the colour if the sky. He expected straight answers but his questions rebounded – snowballing in confusion.

Frustrated, he explored answers at eighteen. Relationships, challenges, study, finances, faith and employment blended with homelessness and incarceration.

Finally resting, the meaning of life is right under his nose.

Written in response to the photo prompt below from the weekly #55wordchallenge

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Bliss. At least for now

stock-vector--the-hands-holding-a-newborn-baby-symbol-in-simple-lines-98594540Life held in hands. Meaning cupped in palms. Responsibility had no weight. I felt love.

The nurses fractically whirled around her as a single bead of sweat out ran the hair stuck to her forehead. A smile grew across her tired face. What began nine months ago was ending in pure joy.

Mother, Father, Parents … blissfully unaware. 55new

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Beautiful struggle

mumiReturning to the lounge, the crying subdued. Emotionally drained and physically exhausted, we sat in silence.

“Being a parenting is going to be greatest part of my life” she said, “it’ll also be the hardest”.

It was then, despite giving birth to my daughter two weeks ago, that I knew my wife was a mother.



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Hearty cries

crowdSurrounded by hundreds yet unbearably alone, fearfully dragging himself through the crowd. When they see him, their heads turn before hands suddenly clutch at his arms. They lift him quickly and his world spins helplessly below his flailing legs.

He can’t yet mouth words but his heart screams clearly, ‘Where has my Mother gone!?’


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