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He first asked as a nine year old after questioning the colour if the sky. He expected straight answers but his questions rebounded – snowballing in confusion.

Frustrated, he explored answers at eighteen. Relationships, challenges, study, finances, faith and employment blended with homelessness and incarceration.

Finally resting, the meaning of life is right under his nose.

Written in response to the photo prompt below from the weekly #55wordchallenge

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Feed, poo, play

Stressed MumThey circle my feet like sharks to blood. Their hands searching for anything not nailed down, their cries scream for attention – pure, undivided attention.

I love them … more than I could ever say. Mum just needs a break.

Feed, poo, play, then momentary sleep. Tomorrow’s another day, but the cycle will be the same.


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Delectable diners

DinnerThe bread, sprinkled with herbs like the first snowfall of winter.

The wine flowed, sweet like autumn morning dew drops.

The soup, crouton topped smothered with cheese like father to prodigal son.

The steak, melted like ice on a summer’s day.

Senses overworked stomachs more than full.

Yes, we’ll have ice-cream – just a little.


I don’t always divulge the motivation behind these tales and I’m not sure that I will continue to do so or not, but here goes … Inspired but one meal shared between two people before two others had our priorities relocated. I am one of the two, I hope the other knows who she is – for she is love to me. Note to self, make time for meals like these … and always have ice cream.

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ClublifeSuch was the volume, she heard the music not through her ears but reverberating through her entire body.

‘You come here often?’

‘No’ is all she could manage, an accurate reflection of her mood

‘I’m Ben’, he offered his hand while dancing with the grace of a giraffe in roller skates.

Charmed I’m sure.


In response to Lillie McFerrin’s ‘Charmed’ prompt

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Searching Goggles

Safety+GogglesStrapping the goggles to his head, Albert peered through the glass, sure he’d find the answers.

His reassured smile soon turned. With or without the goggles, the screen is still full of what seems to be hieroglyphics.

“I guess I’m too old for computers. What did he mean ‘find it through a goggle search’ anyway?”

In response to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence fiction prompt


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Dance floor war

War on the dance floorI call but explosions drown out my cry. I am but a soldier in a battle zone, watching my love pass away. Watching her disappear amongst air strikes I lift my glass, administering pain relief.

I lift my head to the skies losing myself in its dazzlingly beauty. There’s now no reason left to live.


Is response to Jezri’s Nightmares 55 word challenge, there were three image prompts to include; a disco ball, fireworks and a glass of red wine.


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Political gutting

Politcal gutting‘It’s not what you think’

Not in the mood to talk, the grip on his blade became tighter.

‘Really … it’s a simple case of miss-communication, you should’ve been included’’

Wielding the blade he lifted his arm before cutting then completely gutting all internal content.

Safe release of frustration found, opening letters during office politics


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Mock Circle

Circle of MockTheir giggles covered all evil.

Jenny, Sarah, Peta and Simone, the chosen, formed a circle around Ruby. A circle of mock.

Ruby was new, the natural easy target.

‘Mole’ Jenny yelled.

‘You’re a dirty mole’ Peta agreed before laughter once again filled the room.

‘Sweet sixteen, what a lie’ sobbed Ruby, collapsing before the chosen.


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Tainted love and loneliness

crygirlCrack! And he left the room, she was safe for now.

Crumpled on the floor like dirty laundry, she sobbed. It wasn’t first, and she was sure it wouldn’t be last.

Fleeing her home and lover; she hurt more knowing that she’d be back.

The pain inflicted by violence is nothing when compared to loneliness.


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Flayling Phoenix

SprayStop the can fell as he fled.

His heart pounded as he ran along the tracks. Truth be told this is why Malcolm ‘Phoenix’ Jones tagged, for the thrill.

Scrambling onto platform, and down the other side. Here he met the 3AM city service and it was decided, his last tag would read Phoeni…



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