Rising from her death bed

She steps into the water like she does the unknown – fearfully. Helen has craved this exact breed of solitude, a sunrise swim, for years but now it has arrived, she is second guessing her desire.

The water flows over her toes and feet before passing her calves as thoughts of the sheet being pulled over her still body flood Helen’s mind. Her only encouragement,  are her hands dragging in the chilled ocean water reminding herself of life restored.

The water was murky and Helen couldn’t see what lay beneath but she’d emerged from the pits of death itself to be here and had vowed to never again be a spectator.

Eight years ago Helen was struck by a run away tyre at a race track, the medical staff declared her dead on the scene.  Today she walks into the water, free from the mind numbing beeps of monitoring equipment and proof that we cannot discount the fight within ourselves.

Helen watched helplessly as the curtains of life closed upon her, now she enters the water as a phoenix does from the ashes.


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