They love me

The red line soared as he swept his manicured fringe from his eyes. KRUDD

“They love me” he spoke to his reflection, “they really love me”.

No longer feeling the pain Julia left in his back, he spoke as he crossed the verandah of his Kirribilli home.

“Kevin, you’ve got this popularity contest in the bag”


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2 thoughts on “They love me

  1. cartoonmick says:

    I gave last nights debate a 50 – 50 score, both much the same.

    All pollies talk too much, including Rudd and Abbott, but what the “shutup’ blurt told me was, that for a fraction of a second, Abbott did his cool. Rudd had got under Abbotts steel front shield.

    Interesting figures reported this morning were roughly 36 Abbott, 34 Rudd, and 30 undecided. Those numbers may be out by 2 or 3, but the picture is,,,,, about one third of the punters are still undecided and could swing either way to clinch a victory for one or the other.

    The “fat lady” won’t sing until the 7th Sept.



    • fifty5words says:

      You’re right, last’s night debate did little to confirm the election either way.

      The ‘shut up’ blurt was a welcome relief from a dry debate really. Tony was right to say it because Kevin kept wanting the last word but Tony’s probably best to bite his tongue in most situations.

      The labor party is set on presenting a new way forward but surely it will all come undone if the Liberals can simply point out their failings….

      September 7 … big day for Australia.

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